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In the fast growing Plastic Card market, if you don't stay one step ahead you'll get lost in the crowd. That's why at CARDSource, we continually invest in our equipment and our people to present you with the most up-to-date means and methods to make your Plastic Cards and Plastic Card programs look - and work - beautifully.

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Plastic Loyalty and Membership Cards
With the widespread installation of computerized systems and cash registers, large and small businesses are recognizing the need for loyalty card programs. And no wonder, plastic loyalty cards are ideal for tracking consumer spending habits. This personalized information adds tremendous value to marketing campaigns, customer service and company brand recognition.

A loyalty card program is also an excellent marketing tool for rewarding current customers and attracting new ones.

At CARDSource, we use only the finest materials, including PVC and Teslin, for quality and durability so your cards will look and work great with continued use - over and over again.

Another popular card is the Membership Loyalty Card. Retail stores, health clubs, online stores - it seems that everyone wants to belong to something, which is one reason why membership cards are the third most popular plastic wallet card in the US today, right behind credit and ATM cards. In fact, according to an AC Nielsen survey, 64% of US households said loyalty programs were involved in their shopping decisions.

By entitling Membership Card holders with loyalty privileges, discounts, or incentives, retailers can retain current customers and attract new ones.

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