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To facilitate our "one stop shop" approach, all of our database management, form printing, laser addressing and inserting operations are all housed in one facility. In this way, we're able to ensure total control over the quality and scheduling of all of our customers' direct mailings.

So whether you need to get an important message to your existing customers, or are contemplating a direct mail campaign to find new ones, our highly knowledgeable mailing staff is always standing by and ready to help.

Fulfilling the Need

"My client had a very important customer that had a sizeable annual fulfillment project. The end user on this project was very particular, so it was important that the project was handled by just the right company."

"CARDSource not only handled it adeptly and accurately, but they also helped me look better in my customer's eyes. They are a true partner that I will use again and again!"
Jeff K.

Loyalty Comes in Many Forms

What do you do with a loyalty program when customers do not use their loyalty cards?

Make it easy for them to provide you with their membership number.

One major retailer offers a loyalty program where customers sign up over the phone, website, or in stores. A personalized form, card, and key tag are issued via mail with integrated labels on the forms. These labels have the member information and can be peeled off and placed on an existing credit card so the customer has their information at all times. This retailer can also look up your member number based on the customer's phone number at time of purchase. Retailers want to make it as easy as possible to identify the client so they receive credit for purchases.

In today's competitive retail marketplace where clients have many choices for disposable income purchases, how do you get their business?

Reward them.

Clients tend to leave a loyalty program if it takes to long to build up points and they do not receive a reward in a timely manner. This retailer now rewards clients on a quarterly basis for merchandise purchases. A gift card is mailed to the member, which usually ranges between $20 and $50. In 2004 1,483,608 customers signed up for this program. For 2005 that number is estimated to grow to 3 million members. A 50% increase in membership in one year is an exceptional result due to the unique rewards program.

Survey Results

From a national consumer survey of Plastic Card Usage, 61% of the people said that they use membership cards and 29% use loyalty cards (