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Meet the CARDSource Team

Every CARDSource employee holds a special role in each plastic card project we do. We foster this solid teamwork through projects for our clients and community. You’ll see our team working together adopting a family over the holidays, packing meals for children in need, and cleaning up roadways to support our local Adopt-A-Street program. Whether supporting community or clients, we always work together to make a positive difference at home and abroad.

Tom Murphy Tom Murphy


Started my career as a nuclear power plant quality inspector, but Three Mile Island put a damper on that career path, and I have been a “card guy” ever since!

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I was born and raised in Minnesota, so I am uncomfortably warm at 70 degrees. Flyfishing is my outdoor passion along with deer hunting (cast and blast)! I love my iPhone, but I still have a VCR that constantly blinks 12:00…12:00…12:00… No worries, though—in a few years my grandchildren will be able to fix that for me. What the heck is Hulu anyway?

Scott Stibal Scott Stibal


My goal is to ensure our customers come first and have an excellent experience while working with us

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When it is nice outside, I drive a Harley to work. My favorite drink is Diet Pepsi. In my free time, I like to play video games.

Rachael Stibal Rachael Stibal

Accountant/HR Manager

Some of my favorite things to hear are: production machines humming along, laughter and the chirping of birds and frogs.

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I love working with numbers and people. In my free time, I enjoy delicious food (especially with people I love), the warm sun with my toes in the grass or on a beach and the beauty of nature.

A few thing about me: participated in 5 races (5Ks in 2015—I like the number 5!). Learned to drive a motorcycle this year and bought a Harley, can be a goofball, and will laugh like a goose if it is REALLY funny!

Suzanne Nordmark Suzanne Nordmark

Application Manager

I am a techie who loves pushing pixels around to create cool designs.

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I enjoy researching new technologies and ideas to push what can be done with design and marketing. Outside of work, I like to spend time outdoors with friends, hang out with my dog Toby, and play old school video games.

Xue Xiong Xue Xiong

Production Manager

My primary focus at CARDSource is to ensure our customer’s final product arrives on time and is of the highest quality.

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I like to empower and encourage our employees. I really enjoy eating wings. Really, really hot wings! The hotter the better. I go fishing every chance I get and I like to race fast cars.

Katie Weisman Katie Weisman

Manager of Quality Processes

Hi, I’m Katie. I’m the Manager of Account Services and am heading up ISO Certification.

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Outside of work, I’m usually found chasing after my 1 year old son, 3 fur babies, and husband, delighting in great food and wine, and creating memories in the great outdoors with wonderful friends (preferably on the side of a mountain covered in snow).

Jade Beaver Jade Beaver

Marketing Coordinator

I am an animal lover who is passionate about creativity, technology and marketing.

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You can often find me trying new recipes, painting, enjoying the summer air or practicing yoga. I love traveling new places, especially if they're tropical. I spend tons of time entertaining and spoiling my two rescue cats, Marvin & Nova. I am hoping to become an animal foster mom in the near future!

Ryan Murphy Ryan Murphy

Manager of Business Development

I’m driven to make a positive difference with every interaction and am an advocate for the “measure twice and cut once” mentality.

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You can often find me researching the best deal on everything big or small. I’m the father of two young girls and the oldest of three siblings. I enjoy traveling, tinkering on automobiles (preferable fast ones), playing fantasy football, trying rare or unique foods, and spending time with my yellow lab.

Tiffany Milbrandt Tiffany Milbrandt

National Account Manager

Outside of work, I lead a busy but fun life with my family of four which includes my husband, two daughters and a couple rescued fur babies.

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We like to travel and discover what makes places unique. I am a dance mom, but not the weird reality TV show kind! As an avid gardener I enjoy growing flowers, food and funky plants. I preserve and can a lot. My friends tell me I make the best pickles! I am a butterfly fanatic and have several butterfly gardens. At the end of a full day my favorite meal is chicken wings (the spicier the better!) and a cold beer.

Kayla Latterell Kayla Latterell

Graphic Design and Account Services

I am a design nerd that loves bringing life to our customer’s ideas.

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When I am not creating something, I prefer to be outdoors hiking with my dog or sitting in a café with a good cup of coffee.

Renee Randall Renee Randall

Prepress Lead and Account Services Representative

I am a tree-hugging lover of dogs who enjoys practicing yoga, attending concerts, and drinking wine.

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I am a tree hugging lover of dogs who enjoys practicing yoga, attending concerts, and drinking wine.

Jake Josephson Jake Josephson

Production Manager

I love to make our customers happy by meeting and beating our due dates.

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When I’m not doing that I like to spoil my three cats and bearded dragon. You’ll also find me playing old school video games like Mario, enjoying summer outdoors, and being a HUGE Vikings fan—seriously HUGE fan!

Eric Hebel Eric Hebel

Warehouse, Shipping & Receiving Supervisor

While I’m busy managing the shipping and receiving operations, I continue to wait for my Hogwarts acceptance letter!

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I am a dad to two awesome boys and enjoy being an outdoors enthusiast.