The Ultimate Gift Card Guide

Gift cards are one of the most consistently reliable marketing options to increase repeat business and drive customer loyalty. Plus, billions of dollars are spent on gift cards annually, this amount only seems to grow each year.

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What's In the Guide?

Learn about closed-loop verses open-loop programs, how transactions are tracked, what equipment you need and much more in our free guide!
gift cards
Find out what gift cards are, which program is best for your business and the benefits of using plastic.
learn about the equipment needed for gift cards
Learn what type of equipment is needed and what types of Point of Sales systems can be used.
increase revenue with gift cards
Learn how to increase your revenue by implementing a gift card program.

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Full Chapter List

Chapter 1 Getting Started
Chapter 2 What Are Gift Cards, Exactly?
Chapter 3 Closed Loop Cards V. Open Loop Cards
Chapter 4 Point of Sales Systems and Partners
Chapter 5 What Are My Options?
Chapter 6 Are Gift Cards Profitable?
Chapter 7 Benefits of Using Plastic
Chapter 8 How Are Transactions Tracked?
Chapter 9 Gift Card Disclaimers
Chapter 10 Equipment Needed
Chapter 11 Conclusion