Badges & Event Passes

Make your event memorable with impactful access passes

Create a memorable experience with access passes featuring customized event information recipients need. More than just plastic cards, CARDSource badges serve as backstage passes, press passes, event badges and more. Host a successful concert, golf event, exclusive party, and everything in between with CARDSource handling the details.

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Custom designs to match your event

Create an access pass to match your event. Select a card shape and size—or create a custom die if you have a specific shape in mind. Choose a product finish (matte/gloss) and add any variable information needed for your event. There are even luggage slot options available.

Single solution package

Customize both sides of the access pass with access/badge ID, event schedule, perf sections that serve as general entry, VIP, backstage pass, press pass or food/drink tickets and any of other information you need to get to attendees. Make your event pass the one and only item you need to distribute to attendees.

Memorable keepsake

The unique and custom design will make your event credentials stand-out to attendees. It won’t be something that gets tossed in the garbage. Make the event pass a part of your marketing approach and maximize its shelf-life!

Are you planning an event? Share your event theme with us today. Let’s create a custom event credential pass together!

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