Signature Panel

Signature panels for your cards

Signature panels allow your customers to write directly on the plastic surface of your cards. We can create these in any size, shape, or number of panels to fit your unique needs. While signature areas are much less common today than in the past, they are still an important option in many applications.

Can I Add a Signature Panel Anywhere on My Card?

Yes. Placement must however take other card features into account, such as: variable information such as card embossing, magnetic stripes, art design, etc. In general, signature areas must avoid these areas by at least 1/8 inch, as well as stay away from edge of the card by 1/8 inch.

What Are My Color Options?

Signature areas are available in white, for a traditional look, or in clear for a more subtle look.

How Big Can the Signature Blocks Be?

They can be completely customized to fit your unique needs.