Variable Information

Personalization for your cards

Add barcodes, customer names, numbers, and expiration dates to your cards. We offer high-resolution thermal personalization in most any font style and many colors. Or, if you prefer, we can emboss raised numbers and name information for a high-value look. Also available is our high-resolution, high-speed inkjet personalization for large runs. All personalization methods are available with mag stripe encoding.

What Variable Information Can I Have?

Variable names, numbers, expiration dates can all be imaged to either side of the card. Barcoded information is limited to numbers. We can help you determine what barcode type is appropriate for your application. Magnetic stripes can be encoded with numbers and names. However, it is much more common for your application to only require numbers.

What Are My Font Options?

Any True Type font can be imaged to the card.

Embossed characters are standard and limited to large numbers and/or small alpha characters and numbers (see any embossed card for the standard font size).

What Are My Font Size Options?

All fonts EXCEPT for Embossed fonts can be scaled as needed. A 6pt font is the practical minimum size. Keep in mind that larger fonts limit the amount of information that can be placed in each line.

What Kind of Starting Number Should I Have?

Starting number is dependent on your application, but always keep in mind that issuing the same card number to two customers can be a real problem. CARDSource can produce your card numbers. We can even track your number usage to ensure we do not repeat numbers for you.

Can I Have My Variable Information Anywhere On the Card?

Yes, anywhere on the card front and back within 1/18th of an inch from the edge of the card, and ¼ inch away from magnetic stripes.

Can I have Variable Information That Matches My Magnetic Stripe Information?

Yes, that is a typical situation.

How Should I Upload My Data Files?

We offer a secure FTP site where you can upload data. We will provide the necessary information to access and upload data.

How Do I Need To Format My Data?

We can use files that are Fixed Length, Excel, Comma Separated Quote Qualified and Delimited (examples: Tab Delimited, Pipe Delimited etc…). Data should be provided with a data layout showing what fields need to be used to personalize the cards and where that personalization is to go on the cards.