Plastic Fundraising Cards Offer Creative Solutions for Raising Money

Plastic fundraising cards are a popular choice for non-profit organizations, schools, sports teams and church groups when searching for opportunities to raise money. Fundraising can be challenging, but groups are finding fundraising and discount cards to be a successful solution.

Plastic fundraising and discount cards encourage local business, involve the community and provide a benefit for the card purchaser. These cards often provide discounts or offers to local business(es) that sponsor the card. Then the organization sells the cards to individuals for a profit. Individuals purchase the card having the opportunity to save money or receive promotional incentives when using the card. It offers a win-win situation for all involved. Funds are raised, business encouraged and benefits received.

Customize Your Plastic Fundraising Card

Create a plastic fundraising card for your organization. Choose a from a variety of card options, such as custom shapes and key tags, to make your fundraising program unique. We’ll work with you to determine a card that fits your needs by offering:

  • Multiple stock and finish options
  • Quick 5-7 day lead times
  • Large or small print runs (quantities as low as 100)
  • Personalized assistance during setup
  • Design support
  • Direct distribution to customers available
Key Tags
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Variable Numbering and Names
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CARDSource is your one-stop shop for all Plastic Card needs. We offer VISA© quality, customizable cards that you can be proud of, and Teslin® style key tag products. Experienced customer service staff will walk you through card questions, card usage, and what will best meet your fundraising needs.

Reach your fundraising goals with plastic cards.

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