Affix & Mail

Affix and mailing options for your cards

At CARDSource we are experts at card delivery. We can affix your card to carriers to be displayed at the counter. If you need to send cards to individual members, CARDSource can personalize the cards and member materials then mail directly to your customers. Daily, weekly, monthly fulfillments of your member packages is easy with our help.

Questions? Please give us a call at (651) 686-0660 for further details.

What Affixing Options Do You Provide?

CARDSource can affix cards using easily removable glue to almost anything; Card carriers for displaying cards on the counter, gift card holders, letters, any printed piece. We also MATCH affix cards; personalized cards to the correct personalized card carrier so the customer receives the right card every time.

What Are My Mailing Options For Postage?

CARDSource mails thousands of client card packages each day. Single card packages typically weigh less than one ounce and can be mailed either first class, or if the volume is large enough, presort first class or standard mail for discounted postage. Our postage experts will make sure you pay the lowest possible rate to mail your card package.

Do You Provide Carriers and Envelopes?

Yes! Many of our clients trust CARDSource to supply and fulfill their entire card package. Items that we do not produce in house (envelopes, etc) are purchased by CARDSource at discounted rates so you pay less.

Do You Have a Mail Sorting Option?

Yes! We have presort software that we use to provide our customers discounted postage rates for Presort Standard and Presort 1st Class.

Presort Standard requires a minimum of 200 qualified records. A qualifying record is a record with a deliverable address checked against the USPS database. Standard mail is delivered in 2 – 14 days.

Presort First Class requires a minimum of 500 qualified addresses. First Class is delivered in 1 – 3 days.