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Plastic cards, along with the personalization of material components, are key elements for a business’s direct mail campaign and for the marketing agencies they work with.

CARDSource is a valued partner of many marketing agencies nationwide in the production of strategic direct mail marketing components for their clientele as a reliable resource to produce the material elements of those plans. Implementing effective direct mail campaigns for your clients with all the right pieces means they’ll keep coming back to you for additional campaigns, strategy, support, and fulfillment.

Do you currently work with a plastic card vendor?

Have you thought about the vast possibilities that adding cards to current campaigns could offer your clients? If not, working a unique personalized card into a direct mail campaign is a surefire way to drive new results. CARDSource is the card production and fulfillment partner you can trust with your valuable confidential information—and your reputation.

Partner with CARDSource and you’ll be more than prepared to exceed your clients’ direct mail-component and fulfillment needs all-inclusive to one source. Our skilled and experienced staff make the ordering process quick and simple by asking the RIGHT questions up-front. CARDSource’s finished products are high-end quality and auditable in most cases, so you can depend on us for a win-win.

  • Focus on your client while we focus on the cards and fulfillment
  • Expert card-related service and support
  • Extensive printed plastic card options and unique plastic products available
  • In-line personalization allows for customization
  • High-speed, camera match-affixing
  • High-resolution in-line inkjet and folding
  • Cards 101 training available for support and education
  • Integrity & experience: ISO compliant, HIPAA compliant, and First Data approved

CARDSource will work directly with your clients on key items—or we can stay transparent, working through your staff. It’s all up to you. We respect your business and your client relationships. We’ll deliver a product that you—and more importantly, your customers—will be proud of.

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