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11 Creative Color Palettes to Help You With Your Next Project

Color palettes are a graphic designers best friend. However, creating a color palette can be a complex task since there's an extraordinarily large color library. 

The way that most palettes are built is in a monochromatic way, which means that the palette is created from a single base hue and extended using shades, tones and tints. Nonetheless, there are still many other types of palettes to be aware of that could help you build the look and feel you would like to portray. We came up with 11 palettes from some of our favorite card designs to help spark some inspiration for your next project.

1. Earthy & Soft Tones


2. Pastel Summer


3. Dark & Groovy

dark trap festival palette

4. Rustic With a Twist

drift media palette5. Warm & Bold

toucan coffee bean

6. Complimentary

ceramic palette.jpg

7. Pastel Retro

ice cream palette8. Soft & Light

classical music palette

9. Flashy

piano event pass palette10. Cosmo Sunset 

follow your dreams palette

11. Funky Retro

retro palette


Different color palettes can bring out different emotions in your customers. For instance, if you were to choose a bright red color that would evoke a strong or energetic feeling. Whereas, if you were to choose a purple color it would portray more of a relaxing and calming effect on the customer. 

Color psychology research has found similar results with the way that certain colors make people feel. However, it’s important to remember that feeling a certain way about a color can be situational, depending on culture or personal experiences.

The easiest way to pick the best color palette for your project is to completely understand your target audience and what appeals to them. We hope that you found this information useful, and if you need any help with creating a card design or layout, let us know!

Jade Beaver
Marketing Coordinator
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