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Use Holidays and Special Occasions to Promote Gift Cards


Let the Upcoming Mother’s Day Holiday Drive Sales for Your Salon & Spa

If you have a salon or spa, there’s good news! According to various polls and surveys, spa treatments consistently top the list of things mothers hope to receive as a gift. A Fox News Lifestyle article titled The Mother's Day Gifts Moms Want found that “72% of young mothers would enjoy a pamper gift.” Whether you offer hair styling, facials, pedicures, massages, float tanks, hot yoga, manicures, makeup consultations, or other salon and spa services, a gift card allows your customers to give mom the option to choose exactly what kind of pampering she wants for Mother’s Day.

We want to make sure you get the most out of your gift card program during this busy season. Ensure that you have the quantities you need when fathers and children everywhere are rushing out to get a gift for mom.

Top 10 Tips for Salons and Spas to Make a Gift Card Program Wildly Successful

  1. Hairdresser trimming brown hair with scissorsOrder gift cards and supplies early so you can ensure sufficient quantities and never have to turn customers away when they are ready to spend. Most orders can be turned around in about 5-7 days when you work with a professional such as CARDSource, but if you are new to a gift card program we highly advise starting early.
  2. Don’t assume customers know you offer gift cards. Not all your competitors do, so your gift card program can really set you apart. Promote it online and offline. Announce it on your website, social media channels, email blasts, newsletters, flyers, etc.
  3. Ask customers at every transaction if they would be interested in purchasing a gift card for the next upcoming holiday or special occasion. Place a sign by your registers and ask clients if they need to purchase any gift cards as they're paying for their services.
  4. Run a special promotion highlighting gift cards. Maybe you have a distributor who drops off free samples that you could share? For Mother’s Day, with every gift card purchase, include a free sample size of perfume, essential oil, shampoo, nail polish, lotion, hand soap, etc. Another option could be to include a coupon for the purchaser to use on their next service (give a gift to a friend, get a little something for yourself).
  5. Train your staff on the availability of gift cards, what to say to customers, how to sell them.
  6. Offer special wrapping or packaging with gift card purchases. You could also offer to send gift cards to recipients for busy customers.
  7. Create a special Mother’s Day Spa Package(s) to use gift cards toward on their day of pampering, at which time you can throw in extras such as hot towels, coffee and dessert, her favorite music played, etc. Make sure you create a simple handout highlighting packages to be given with the gift card inside each Mother’s Day card.
  8. Salon SpaTie in your loyalty card program or use your gift card program to launch your new loyalty or rewards program. Repeat customers are incredibly valuable, so make sure your customers purchasing gift cards are aware of the high level of care and superior service that you provide.
  9. Avoid dropping prices or giving away free gift cards to maintain more profitability. When possible, implement a “value add” rather than taking money away. When it makes sense to run a special or do a giveaway, make sure your team is ready to maximize the effort. If people have to provide their name/email or a business card to enter your giveaway, have a follow-up email ready to send. Use the information that they’ve provided to build a better relationship.
  10. Partner with another business to create a unique pampering experience beyond what you can provide at your business. This way you have other businesses helping you market your services and it’s a win-win. Restaurants, theaters, coffee shops, bakeries, hotels, and wineries are great businesses to partner with for special occasion promotions.

Order Salon and Spa Gift Cards Today!

If you have a gift card program in place, CARDSource can help you get the gift cards you need on order very quickly in almost any quantity you desire. Contact us today to ensure you have cards on hand for the upcoming Mother’s Day rush.

If you are interested in starting a gift card or loyalty program, but not sure where to start, we will get you started and guide you through the process until you have your gift cards ready to sell. We’ll work together to make sure your new gift card program is in place before the next major holiday.

Tom Murphy
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