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Customers are much more interested in working with full-service providers, then splitting up their projects within multiple companies. What if we told you that there’s an extremely affordable way to offer your customers everything they dreamed of, making your business look like the ultimate hero?

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7 Creative Ways to Personalize Plastic Cards

Personalized plastic cards are a great way to make your brand visible in a consumer’s everyday life. There are multiple ways to personalize cards; font, color, bar codes or even variable data (names, photos). Personalized plastic business cards, gift cards, membership cards, VIP cards or even loyalty cards are amazing programs to implement into your business. These durable cards can leave a long-lasting, positive impression on your consumers. Here are 7 creative ways to personalize your plastic cards.

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1. Names or Pictures

When it comes to loyalty cards or membership cards, personalizing each card is key to making the consumer feel like an exclusive member. There’s options to add a member number, security number and an image to each card. This is perfect for keeping a company secure with ID badges.

2. Font and colors

Personalizing the fonts and colors provides the opportunity to ensure your brand is transferred over to any style card you need. When printing cards and choosing fonts, make sure the fonts are a TrueType font so they can be imaged onto the card. 

3. Variable Information and Signature Panels

Names, numbers and expiration dates can be imaged on either side of the plastic cards. Additionally, signature panels can be a unique additive so the customer can write directly on the surface of the card.

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4. Magnetic Stripes

Magnetic stripes ease transactions and are supported by various point of sale systems for all transactions. Credit cards, bank cards, library cards, access control cards, employee id cards, and gift cards all use the HiCo technology behind magnetic stripes to make them work for your business.

5. Embossing

Personalized embossing gives cards a high-value credit card styled look. This is a unique option for personalization and gives card a 3-dimensional feel and texture. The font for embossing has a worldwide standard but you can personalize the colored tipping with gold, silver, or black.

6. Unique Card Stocks and Finishes

There are several options for card stocks and finishes to create an eye catching plastic card. Your card stock could range from white, pearl, clear, metallic or frost/ opaque. As for finishes, there’s gloss, satin, and matte textures. These options can be mixed and matched to create a memorable piece.

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7. Custom shapes

Think outside of the box with this one, what shape could make your brand stand out? Maybe a camera shaped business card for a photography business? Custom die shapes have almost no limit and add a fun curve to your card. You can also add a luggage slot or hole punch to your card, whatever you might need. The options are endless!

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Finding new ways to spread brand awareness doesn’t have to be that hard- there are many creative ways to stand out. For more creative inspiration check out our gallery. If you need help figuring out what type of card program would be best for your business, give us a shout. We are here to help and would love to hear about your ideas!

 Interested in more information on gift cards? Download our free guide!

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