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We Care About Recycling Plastic Cards (And You Should Too!)

Americans generate around 10.5 million tons of plastic each year, but it is estimated that they only recycle 1-2% of that plastic. It is also estimated that 14 billion pounds of trash (mostly plastic) is dumped into the oceans per year.

These are terrifying statistics, but luckily, we have some every day solutions that can help conserve energy and help the environment.

We have all heard the phrase "reduce, reuse, recycle" but there are many everyday items that we could be washing out and re-purposing.

For example:

  • zip lock bags
  • plastic lunch meat containers
  • glass jars and containers
  • gallon jugs for starting gardening in the spring indoors
  • plastic takeout containers
  • old towels or sheets for garage rags
  • old toothbrushes for cleaning tight spots
  • Reusing old furniture for craft projects

Here are a few other simple ways you can help conserve energy in your everyday routine:

Earth Day CardSource-01

The environment is something that we really care about. With so much waste going into the landfills and oceans every day, it's up to us to start making smarter choices for the environment. 

Happy Earth Day from your friends at CARDSource!

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Jade Beaver
Marketing Coordinator
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