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8 Quick Tips for Minimizing Risk When Searching for a Print Partner

Finding a print provider can be cumbersome; making any purchase decision requires research on price, quality, trustworthiness and of course, assessing risks. We came up with 8 quick tips that will help minimize risk when you’re seeking a new plastic print provider. 

  1. Your supplier should be more of a partner;
    • Your supplier should work with you every step of the way to ensure you receive the product you're expecting.
  2. Your supplier should have measures in place to make sure your project is successful;
    • They should offer a satisfaction guarantee.
    • When deadlines are mentioned, will they be able to meet them?
  3. They should offer a proof before producing your project;
    • Either a digital proof or hard copy proof should be sent to you. It's always acceptable to change artwork so it fits as expected.
  4. It should be easy to place orders;
    • They should have either an online storefront, API, SFTP File Drop, or Email/ PO based automated order entry.
  5. There should be one, maybe two, account representatives that works solely on your project;
    • This ensures that reorders are simple; they already know your project specs so reprinting will be a breeze. 
  6. There should be a system for tracking orders;
    • It's important to know where your order is within the production process to ensure your project is completed and mailed on time. Plus, everyone likes to see how their order is doing!
  7. Check out what other offers suppliers have;
    • The supplier could have other fulfillment options such as affixing, folding and inserting for direct mail pieces. It would be a great way to tie the entire project together, you wouldn't have to worry about a single thing.
  8. Checking the security and processes that a company has is extremely important, especially for sensitive data. Do they have;
    • HIPPA Compliance - Health Care Programs.
    • PCI DSS - Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.
    • ISO - Certification or compliance to the international Standardization Organization.
    • SOC 2 - Auditing procedure to ensure data is handled securely. 

 Finding a new plastic print provider can be challenging, you want someone who can produce a high-quality product when you need it. Using these tips while researching companies can help minimize the risk that comes with finding a trustworthy print partner.

If you found these tips helpful and you're curious about more information regarding quality, pricing and finding the perfect print provider; download our free guide!

Plastic Card Solutions: A Guide to Quality

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Plastic Card Solutions: A Guide to Quality

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