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Typical Confusion Around Ordering Gift Cards

If you’re interested in getting gift cards for your business but don’t know where to start, you’re not alone. There can be some confusion surrounding ordering gift cards that can put people off. We’ll clarify a few things to get you moving in the right direction. Plus, always remember: if you ever have a question, just ask!

Common gift card ordering questions

People tend to think they need to have all the answers regarding their gift card program before they contact us. It’s great if you’re knowledgeable, but you can be a complete novice and still get gift cards for your business. We’re always happy to help and walk you through the gift card program process. Let these common questions make your life easier:

  1. How do I decide what my gift card should look like or how it should work? Is there something you have in mind? If not, feel free to look at our gift card page to learn more about gift cards—and you’ll find some colorful examples to give you inspiration.
  2. What are your art specifications? If you have a designer, have them take a look at our art specifications. If not, just ask! We can design your card, leaving you free from time-consuming art creation.
  3. How much do they cost? Whenever you’re thinking of adding anything new to further your business, cost is always an important point to consider. Luckily, gift cards can be cheaper than you might think. Just give us a few details and we’ll calculate everything for you and send you an accurate quote.

How does a gift card work?

Every gift card includes a unique number in the form of a barcode, magnetic stripe, encoded chip, or something as simple as a plain “human readable” number. This number is associated and activated with the proper dollar amount. Money is never actually loaded on the gift card. It is simply connected to an external system referencing the funds associated with that card number.

The card is read by the system and the unique card number is confirmed in a database. The dollar amount to load on the card is input and is associated with the unique card number within the database. The card is now activated or loaded. Absolutely no change has been made to the card itself. All processes happen within the database—the card just reads the stored information.

When the activated gift card is presented for redemption, the unique number is again read from the database. The associated card value is then retrieved from that database, the spent amount is deducted from this amount, and the new lower value is then stored again.

This processing portion is managed through a transaction system or point of sale system. If you don’t already have a system in place, we can help you find the right solution. It can be surprisingly simple!

Do you have more questions? Contact us today. We’re happy to talk with you and give any answers you may need.

Interested in more information about gift cards? Download our free guide!

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